TruGolf E6

An award winning history in the golf software business

TRUGOLF, originally a subsidiary of Access Software, formally spun-off from the company in 1999 when Access Software was purchased by Microsoft for their expertise in multi-award-winning golf software development. Since then, we’ve continued to refine the software and the technology, designing the industry standard and #1 selling golf simulator software used in the most golf simulators around the globe.

We’ve maintained the core programming and graphics team of Links™, the best selling PC golf franchise ever. The Links series has been the most favorably reviewed, most honored and award winning of all sports titles, and TruGolf continues this tradition of developing the industry’s finest golf simulation software.

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Unmatched Accuracy. Unmatched Value.

TruFlight™ uses two high-speed digital cameras to capture stereo images of the moving golf ball. These images are processed instantly with our exclusive Image Analysis to determine ball speed, launch angle and ball direction. Combined with club head data collected at the point of impact, this allows our E6Golf software to calculate ball flight with unmatched accuracy.

TruFlight™ is self-contained, with its own infrared lighting system, and offers versatility for installation, including a setup above and in front of the golfer. This provides a robust range of view to capture the full spectrum of golf shots, from high speed drives to the softest chip shots. Affordably priced and with a new hitting surface built to handle over five million swings, TruFlight™ offers unmatched value, accuracy and longevity.